About Me

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About Me:

During the day you can find me officiating gym class basketball or leading my fitness class through yoga poses (although I must say I need yoga for my flexibility much more than any of them!); or reading and rapping with my ESL classes. By night, I am working my buns off on the stairmaster listening to the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts, “The BS podcast”, “American Greed”, or “Against the Odds”. I am a proud supporter of the Buffalo Bills, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Pakistani Cricket Team (the South Asian in me can’t resist cricket or chai for that matter!).

I am the father to the two best kids in the world, older Z and younger Z, and amicably co-parent with A and A. Although the kids have tried to convince me, we don’t have any cats or dogs. Maybe a cat. The neighbors have some cute ones, and I am kinda tempted.

Together the three of us are often up to some kind of adventure. Here, there, everywhere. On the court, at the gym, on the road. A quote that sums us up is:

“Our family is a lot like fudge. Mostly sweet with lots of nuts”

This is my first stab at a blog. I mean my socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are pretty much an unofficial start to this. But “Little Scraps” is different. It’s organized. It’s the full story. It’s scary. Intimidating. And down-right nerve-wracking. But here I go. I aspire to create a community that shares and grows together, as parents, as individuals, and as a collective. Let’s build these “scraps of wisdom” into something strong, tall, and everlasting. 

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