The beginning is both now and almost 10 years ago. Now because it has taken this long to sit down, reflect, and find the strength to share my experiences with you. A decade ago because that is when this journey began. My aspirations for ‘Little Scraps of Wisdom’ are as
Last week as I was doing a morning scroll last Monday I came across a tik-tok reposted to a friend’s account. I saw the woman crying about the dual difficulties of divorce as well as being from a South Asian family. In the second post I had learned that she
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About Me: During the day you can find me officiating gym class basketball or leading my fitness class through yoga poses (although I must say I need yoga for my flexibility much more than any of them!); or reading and rapping with my ESL classes. By night, I am working
A worthy competitor to screen time in any household: Board games. How they still rule Friday nights in our house and how they can in yours as well! I’m on summer holiday right now and I zoom back to a time when I was on summer break as a student
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I’m not a chef but for the kids, I cook with love anyway… So, disclaimer from the top. I am not a Chef. I am not a cook, swing cook, line cook, or even a Junior cook. A quick culinary google search gave me all these titles in the kitchen
Dear Ye, I rarely, if ever, write letters to people in the public eye who will never read what I am writing but here I am. Like you, I try to be a devoted dad to my kids. Like you, I have gone through the ups and downs of separation.
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Making exercise and movement a “Family Affair” I have never seen my parents work out in a gym. I mean not once in my lifetime. As a family, most of our movement together would come in the form of walking whether it was a day trip to Canada’s Wonderland, the
Traveling without your kids is not a guilty pleasure. It’s well-deserved! Living in pandemic times, I often catch myself daydreaming and night dreaming about travel. I look and look again at my Google Photos of all the adventures I have had over the years. While browsing through my albums, I
Being a “superfan” on zoom isn’t quite the same as being a “superfan” in-person Over the past two years, one of the major casualties of the pandemic has been children’s activities and sports. In 2019-2020, the older Z and younger Z were a part of no less than 4 activities:
What happens when you can’t take the family to Los Angeles because of the Pandemic? You take the family to Niagara Falls! I remember vividly on January 4, 2020, booking 3 return flights from Toronto to Los Angeles and happily paying the 1851.00 on my credit card as I had

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