Emergency Post: A tribute to someone I never knew but who is now a hero for many

Last week as I was doing a morning scroll last Monday I came across a tik-tok reposted to a friend’s account. I saw the woman crying about the dual difficulties of divorce as well as being from a South Asian family. In the second post I had learned that she …

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About Me

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About Me: During the day you can find me officiating gym class basketball or leading my fitness class through yoga poses (although I must say I need yoga for my flexibility much more than any of them!); or reading and rapping with my ESL classes. By night, I am working …

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“Dear Ye”

Dear Ye, I rarely, if ever, write letters to people in the public eye who will never read what I am writing but here I am. Like you, I try to be a devoted dad to my kids. Like you, I have gone through the ups and downs of separation. …

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The Beginning


The beginning is both now and almost 10 years ago. Now because it has taken this long to sit down, reflect, and write about my experiences as well as a decade ago when this journey started. I have a few goals in mind by starting this project: (1) I hope …

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Dear Kashif, While I still have your ear, I want to leave you with 10 more hard truths. Each one of these is a prompt. That’s your goal for the next week. Write about each of these things so you understand where you stand. I’m sure you can spare 10 …

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