Humble Origins – intro to blog

The beginning is both now and almost 10 years ago. Now because it has taken this long to sit down, reflect, and find the strength to share my experiences with you. A decade ago because that is when this journey began.

My aspirations for ‘Little Scraps of Wisdom’ are as follows:

First, I want the content here to be a ‘beacon of light’ at the end of the tunnel for parents that are at crossroads in their lives – separated, divorced, cohabitating, thinking of separating etc. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope my stories and experiences help you find the courage to lead your happiest life with your kids by your side.

Second, I want to impart to you some tips and tricks that I have found useful in creating a safe, warm, and loving space for my children. These strategies range from topics related to parenting, activities, travel destinations, meals, health and so on and so forth.

Lastly, the anecdotes that I share with you are meant to entertain, educate and or enlighten you on your parenting path. Feel free to leave comments for me. I would love to hear from you.

Every scrap I share is authentic to me and my experience. I may sometimes not share intricate details to protect my family. I do this from a place of love and respect. Lots of details might be a bit raw or personal and could elicit feelings that may be intense for you. When this occurs, breathe deeply. Reflect. Process. But ultimately, remain steadfast in your belief that you and only you are the best role model for your children and by having a positive outlook, you will forever be their hero.

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